Blair Elementary School


Our Staff

School Administrators

Mrs. W. Lim Assistant Superintendent
Mrs. C. Ludwig Principal
Mr. A. Sala Vice Principal

Counselling Staff

Mrs. A. Dhillon Elementary Counselling Staff Support Worker
Mrs. D. O'Sullivan Counsellor

Office Staff

Mrs. M. Glaboff Administrative Assistant
Ms. C. McCarthy Administrative Assistant


Division Grades
Mr. R. Beetstra Primary/Intermediate Teacher 8 Grade 3, Grade 4 Website 
Mr. M. Brown Intermediate Teacher 1 Grade 6, Grade 7 Website 
Mr. C. Chan Intermediate Teacher 3 Grade 6, Grade 7
Ms. K. Choo Intermediate Teacher 5 Grade 5 Website 
Mrs. K. Hunter Intermediate Teacher 2 Grade 6, Grade 7
D. Khare Primary Teacher 9 Grade 2, Grade 3
Mrs. K. Kordyback Primary Teacher 11 Grade 1, Grade 2
Mrs. T. Kusch Primary Teacher 10 Grade 2, Grade 3
Mrs. K. Kwok Intermediate Teacher 5 Grade 5, Grade 6
Mrs. A. Pikkarainen Primary Teacher 13 Kindergarten
Mrs. A. Ridley Primary Teacher 11 Grade 1, Grade 2
Mrs. K. Sato Primary Teacher 10 Grade 2, Grade 3
Mrs. M. Townsend Primary Teacher 13 Grade 1, Grade 2
Mr. F. Weil Intermediate Teacher 4 Grade 5, Grade 6

Support Staff

Mrs. R. Berko-Gabay Learning Resource
T. Chan Educational Assistant
Mrs. B. Duan Educational Assistant
Mr. R. Garrucho Custodian
Mrs. A. Hughes Educational Assistant
S. Klair Custodian
Mrs. J. Li Learning Resource
Mrs. H. Lipitz Speech & Language Pathologist
Mrs. S. Loft Educational Assistant
Mrs. J. Morgan Educational Psychologist
Mrs. T. O'Toole Hearing Resource Teacher
Mrs. E. Pappas Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. J. Shannon Educational Assistant
Ms. S. Shewchuk Community Health Nurse
Mr. C. Statham Learning Resource
Mrs. R. Stephens Band/ Music Teacher
J. Tahmiscic Learning Resource
Mrs. L. Tain Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. L. The Noon Hour Supervisor
Mrs. C. Williamson Educational Assistant
Mrs. J. Wood Teacher Librarian
Mrs. L. Zhou SWIS Settlement Worker