Blair Elementary School


Newsflash, October 30, 2015

This is an exciting weekend for families if you participate in Halloween.  I have attached some safety tips to keep in mind so that all our little Trick or Treaters have a safe and happy experience.  Don't forget that the clocks change this Sunday (they fall back one hour).  

On Monday, we will have our first Code Red lockdown drill of the year.  We have a “lockdown” drill to simulate effective responses to potential safety threats. All staff members will discuss the steps involved in a school lockdown with their students.  Just as we practice safe procedures in case of earthquake or fire, we will continue to prepare for other situations that might happen within our school (such as an intruder).  These situations would lead us to “lockdown” the school.  For an intruder, we would follow Code Red procedures - a full lockdown. These procedures have been developed with the support of law enforcement agencies and are consistent throughout the district. You know your child best, and if you feel your child would benefit from some reassurance, please have a brief conversation with him or her before the drill. Blair Elementary, along with the rest of the Richmond School District, continues to be committed to promoting Safe Schools for all students, parents and staff. If you have any questions about the lockdown drill, please don't hesitate to call.
And finally, I have attached the flyer for a FREE Homework Club and Thompson Community Club.  They have worked with Blair to create this oppotunity.  It is now funded and it is FREE!

Have a safe weekend,

Catherine Ludwig


Blair Elementary

Wed, 2016/05/11 - 11:08am