Blair Elementary School


Introducing...The Blair Mural

Our mural project is complete!  You will notice it on the front of our school gym.   Come on the night of the Spring Carnival to participate in our official “launch” of the mural.  We will share its vision and concept that evening and we will all shoot paper airplanes into the sky as an action to celebrate!   Please join us!

Ann Thornsteinsson wishes to send this message to our community:

“The project engaged all the children of Archibald Blair Elementary School and culminate in a ten panel mural that will be permanently installed on the exterior of the school gym wall.  Thank you so very much for welcoming me into your beautiful school community with such open arms.  It was my pleasure to work with the children of your school and meet many parents and teachers in the school.  I hope this mural can reflect some of the vibrancy and enthusiasm that is shared within the school and send a warm welcome to new families joining Blair.”

It was our goal to enhance our beliefs and dreams by having our students visualize concepts through the process and creation of art.  We strongly believe in the power of this project, as it is not only for the present, but also for the future families and community members in and around Blair Elementary.

We invite you to help us celebrate this momentous occasion at our official celebration!  We will honour community donors and recognize those who have played a pivotal role in making this mural come to life.  But most of all, the evening will allow your child to show and share their part on the mural with you and the community.

The celebration will happen at the end of our 6th Annual Spring Carnival that runs from 4:00 until 6:00 pm. The Mural Celebration will happen at 6:00 at the conclusion of the Carnival.

Thu, 2016/06/02 - 1:57pm