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Message from the Superintendent - Novel Coronavirus - March 9, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians and Staff,

With a rising number of confirmed cases, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has continued to impact countries around the world. Given these evolving circumstances, I wanted to provide an update to parents and staff on the current situation, including the potential impact on school field trips and family travel plans.

There is an understandable level of concern regarding international travel, including school field trips and personal vacations for both families and staff members. At this time, public health officials are advising the public to refer to Government of Canada travel health notices as they make decisions regarding upcoming travel.

There are a number of international field trips planned over spring break and the district has been assessing each trip in order to determine if it should proceed. At this time, the decision has been made to cancel three international field trips, each of which included a portion of travel to Italy. These decisions were not made lightly, however student and staff safety must remain our priority at all times. The district will continue to monitor all field trips for the remainder of the school year and if a decision to cancel a trip is being contemplated, parents will be notified as soon as possible.

Vancouver Coastal Health is recommending that travelers returning from Iran, Hubei Province, China, and Italy self-isolate for 14 days upon returning to Canada. Please note that these impacted areas may change and expand as the situation continues to evolve. We are asking parents and staff members, who are travelling outside of Canada for personal travel over spring break, to please consider carefully whether you need to self-isolate upon your return to Canada.

We will continue to work closely with and take direction from public health experts at the Ministry of Health and Vancouver Coastal Health to ensure the continued safety and well-being of our students and their families as well as our staff. As individual questions arise in schools or other worksites, senior district staff will work with health experts to ensure we are making decisions based on the best possible information.

For further information on COVID-19, including ways to reduce your risk of infection, please refer to the following resources:

If you have any questions or concerns, I would ask that you please contact your child’s school principal directly. 



Scott Robinson

Superintendent of School





随着全球确诊病例数字的增⻓,COVID-19 (新型冠状病毒) 疫情在全球持续蔓延。 在疫情扩大的形势 下,我希望向各位家⻓和学区员工提供最新的情况说明,包括新冠对校外活动和家庭旅行计划的潜在 影响。

最近人们普遍担心国际旅行, 这些旅行包括学校组织的校外活动,学生家庭、员工家庭的个人假期旅 行。 公共卫生局的官员当前建议公众在计划未来旅行时能参考加拿大政府关于旅行健康的通知。

我们原本在春假期间计划了几个国际旅行活动,现在学区正在对每一个活动计划进行评估并将决定是 否如期前往。 现在,我们已决定取消 3 个国际旅行活动,因为这些旅行都包含部分在意大利的行程。 做出这些决定绝非容易,然而每一位学生和学区员工的安全始终是我们放在第一位的考虑因素。我们 学区将继续对所有今年接下来的校外活动进行跟踪评估,如果我们考虑将取消某一个校外活动,一定 会在第一时间通知到家⻓。

温哥华沿岸卫生局建议:来自伊朗、中国湖北省和意大利的旅行者,自进入加拿大后必须进行 14 天 自我隔离。 随着疫情发展,这些受影响地区也会可能发生变化和扩大。我们恳请所有的家⻓以及教职 员工,如果您将在春假期间离开加拿大去别的国家地区旅行, 请慎重考虑您是否需要在回到加拿大后 进行自我隔离。

我们将密切关注卫生部以及温哥华沿岸卫生局公共卫生专家所发布的疫情信息及指导方向,持续确保 学生及其家庭、教职员工的健康安全。当您有个别问题在学校或校区其他场所提出时,学区的主管人 员将与公共卫生专家取得密切联系,确保在可能获得的最全面的信息来源基础上,对各项工作进行妥 善安排和决定。

如果您想要了解更多 COVID-19 新冠病毒的信息,包括如何降低被传染的⻛险,请参考以下⺴站资讯

• • •

HealthLinkBC 有关新冠病毒的问答

BC 省疾病控制中心 (BC Centre for Disease Control)

加拿大政府(Government of Canada) 关于旅行健康的通知:


新冠肺炎在所有学区和卫生部公告信息,都可至我们学区的⺴站 District website 查询。 若您有任何问题或担忧,我建议您直接与孩子学校的校⻓取得联系。

Scott Robinson 教育局局⻓


Mon, 2020/03/09 - 10:53pm