Blair Student Scan 2020

Our school is embarking on determining a new school goal.  Using an inquiry based-process called the Spirals of Inquiry, our staff is seeking to gain clarity on what is going on for our learners.  The purpose of the spiral of inquiry is to make a difference in outcomes for our learners. 

While the stages in our spiral overlap, paying attention to each aspect is critical in achieving the greatest benefit for all learners.   At every stage, we ask ourselves three important questions:  

•        What’s going on for our learners?  

•        How do we know? and  

•        Why does this matter?  

The first two questions prompt our staff to constantly check that learners are at the heart of what they do, and that all decisions are based on thoughtful evidence.  We are, therefore, scanning our learners over the next few weeks using carefully selected key questions.  What is scanning?

Scanning: What’s going on for our learners? Many people within a school community have opinions about what is going on for learners. Scanning is all about collecting a variety of rich evidence about what is really taking place. Our staff will gather and consider useful information in key areas of learning and social emotional well-being using surveys and interviews.   Our intention is to more fully understand the degree to which students feel emotionally connected to adults in their learning environment, and the degree to which they fully understand the key learning goals is critically important in scanning.  

Since APPROXIAMTEY 40% OF OUR LEARNERS ARE TRANSITIONAL AND ARE LEARERNING AT HOME,  we created an online survey.  We wanted to capture all learners experiences and voices as part of our evidence.

We have created two surveys (one primary and one intermediate).  All answers can be scribed by an adult for our primary learners.  Our intermediate learners can complete the survey independently OR with adult support. The information collected is very important and so crafting a thoughtful, fully completed survey is a priority.  Below are the links for the survey:




Blair Student Scan 2020 Primary Survey



Blair Student Scan 2020 Intermediate Survey


For the scan, teachers consulted in creating survey questions to include a dedicated SEL portion in addition to the four spirals quesitons.  We felt that given our current circumstances of being in a global pandemic that checking in our or learners heath and wellbeing was a must.   Teachers were given multiple ways to engage in the class survey:

  1. Students can complete the survey online.
  2. Students can complete the survey on the paper copies attached to this email.  Copy on 11x17 (tabloid). Primary learners (or others that need the adaptation) can draw and label.
  3. Early primary classes can complete questions as a group.  Feel free to project the template and document or use chart paper.
  4. Use language that supports your teaching to help support the questions (ie. Green zone/Red zone, Zones of Regulation).

All answers can be scribed by an adult for our primary learners.  

Our intermediate learners can complete the survey independently OR with adult support.    

After all learners complete the survey, staff will then conduct interveiws with a variety of studetns with  release time provided,  choosing learners to interview to dig a bit deeper.

Results of the survey and interviews will be processed and concidered during our upcoming Professioanl Development Day on November 23, 2020.  It is during that time we will ask:

  • What is going on for our learners?
  • What is the evidence telling us?
  • What can we focus on to make a difference?

From there, we will determine our next school goal.  

All steps of our School Story process were presented and shared at an SCC Meeting and were voted on at a staff meeting.  Our entire staff is fully invested in the process and is collectively moving forward with our learners at the centre of our work. 

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021