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Blair PAC

Who We Are…

The primary purposes of Parent Advisory Councils are to:
    * provide a forum for consultation between the school and parents on matters of general concern to the school community
    * assist with and contribute to various school related activities
    * promote the development of positive school-community relations
All parents of the school are members of the Parent Advisory Committee (P.A.C.) and are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings along with the school administration and the members of the Parent Executive.

For any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to email the PAC. PAC Email - 

Parent Advisory Council Executive- 2023-24


 LiuChun Yang, Susan Deng


Sarah Zhang, Vicky Yin


Olivia Yen 

Treasurer :

Reinaldo Cheng 

Member at Large :

Fundraising: Susan Deng, Lindsay Heller

DPAC/BCPAC: Ellie Rahmani