Focusing In: Determining a New School Focus

Determining a Focus question for “Our Story”

We are using the  information from our scan to identify an area of concentrated learning.

As a staff we kept the following questions in mind:                

  • What caught our attention during the scanning phase?
  • What’s missing? What other evidence do we need?
  • What are some strengths that our learners show in this area?
  • How could we build on these strengths?
  • What can we most effectively tackle over the next few weeks or months?
  • Where will we concentrate our energies in order to make a big and lasting difference for our learners?
  • What may be some possible inquiry questions to support our journey?

Read our documentaiton below synthesizing our work in moving towards determining a focus for our shared, school-wide framework for enhancing student leanring.


Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021