Teaching Heart-Mind Well-Being: Sophie's Heart

Each week, primary cohorts met with Ms. Ludwig to focus on gaining awareness of  how to have a happy, growing heart.  Using the Mind-Heart's resource Sophie's Heart, learners worked on ways to solve their social-emotional dilemmas  with the help of a little robot names Sophie.   As we unpacked the small stories, we documented our own ways to grow our hearts.


Sophie's Heart: Heart-Mind Online developed a new story-based resource grounded in BC's New Curriculum for teaching Heart-Mind Well-Being

Storytelling is a powerful tool for teaching young children. It is likely that all of us can remember a particularly poignant tale from childhood - including the emotions it evoked and the message it conveyed.

In Sophie's Heart, a pint-sized robot recruits the reader to help her find her "missing" heart. The story guides the reader through series of animal encounters, in which Sophie and the reader must work together to help a turtle, fish, dolphin, monkey, and owl solve their social-emotional dilemmas, each corresponding to a different Heart-Mind quality. Simplified, child friendly language and engaging problem-based elements draw the young reader into the action and invite her to use her "heart" in the service of others. 


Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021