Welcoming Routines and Rituals

To support our learners to thrive and learn in school this year, we have focussed on Welcoming Routines and Rituals. These are practices that give voice to every participant in the room, support making connections to one another and review the events of the day ahead. Every morning teacher would help students to identifying or labelling emotions and take the "temperature" in the room  ie: "mood meters". This was a necessary and essential routine especially during COVID-19. Practicing these routines was a way to focus on starting the day in a calm, orderly fashion to make space for learners to move with confidence and agency throughout the day. Teachers would also identify their mood and share how they were feeling with their class as well. 

A Welcoming Ritual that was consistently practiced each day was meeting students outside each morning before entering the school building. This was a Health and Safety protocol however, this also allowed for teachers to give a warm, consistent greeting to every student before entering the school. Teachers and students were very positive about this ritual, so much so that we will continue to meet students outside each morning next year. (2021-2022)

Updated: Tuesday, November 30, 2021