Self Awareness: Student Scanning

During the Fall our students were asked the following questions: 1) Can you name two adults at school that care about you? 2) What does Care for Self look like when you are at school? 3) What are you learning at school and why is it important? 4) How are you doing with your learning? 5) What are your next steps with your learning?

What we learned is that many of our students could name two staff members that care for them. Most of our students can describe what they are learning but they are not sure at times why it is important. Many of our students feel they are doing well at school but mention that they would like to improve in speaking, organization and confidence building. After reading over the student responses the teachers  realized they need to be more intentional about explaining the "why" of what the students are learning and also to give their students time to reflect on their learning to better know themselves as learners. 

Updated: Thursday, June 9, 2022