Classroom and School Wide SEL Strategies

During the months of September and October the teachers have been focusing on building community and developing friendships in the classroom. They have also been focusing on developing Social and Emotional skills and and strategies to use while in the classroom. As outlined in the letter I sent home in September, research shows that practicing Social and Emotional learning makes a real and lasting difference to student success. Some teachers have introduced their classes to mindful breathing as a calming and focussing strategy. Some classes have introduced using a Mood Meter to reflect upon and think about how they are feeling at different times of day. Some classes have a "calm corner" in or near the class to practice various calm down techniques. As a whole community we start each Friday with a whole community walk to build connections outside the classroom with other students' and teachers to increase everyone's sense of belonging. We are also beginning each week with Mindful Mondays to increase self- awareness for our students.Examples of Calm Down strategies


Updated: Wednesday, November 2, 2022