Social Emotional Learning Family Event

We hosted a Social and Emotional family evening on April 12th, with over 100 families in attendance. The event was organized by the school's social and emotional learning committee and facilitated by several staff members, who aimed to deepen families' understanding of the social and emotional skills and strategies taught to students.

Various topics were presented during the evening, including mindfulness, gratitude circles, self-regulation strategies, outdoor learning, emotional check-ins, SEL using hands-on materials, and social and emotional learning through literacy.

Parents left the evening with a better understanding of SEL skills and strategies students have been learning and our Blair Cares Framework. They were also encouraged to try some of the strategies shared, such as different breathing techniques to calm bodies and minds at home. The event aimed to strengthen the connection between home and school, enabling students to be more successful in both school and life.

The event was a valuable opportunity for families to engage with the school and learn about their children's education while also building a sense of community.



Updated: Thursday, April 27, 2023