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Our School Story

Our Story

At Archibald Blair Elementary School we believe that students are at the heart of the choices and decisions that we make on a daily basis.  Our mission statement continually provides direction for our school:  At Blair School we envision a joyful community that: Celebrates Learning, Treasures Each Child, Values Diversity, Teaches The Ethic Of Caring and Honours The Wonders Of Our Universe.

Blair Elementary School was built in 1996 and is a well established neighbourhood school in northwest Richmond. The school was named after Archibald Blair (1896-1993) who served with the Canadian Armed Forces overseas in World War I. He also gave many years of service to both the Richmond School Board and Richmond Municipal Council.

The school is adjacent to Burnett Secondary School and is a half a block away from Thompson Community Centre. We are made up of 242 students from Kindergarten to Grade Seven. The school has a "two floor design" with large collaborative spaces outside the classrooms. The school has a warm, friendly environment where students are encouraged to explore, ask questions and take risks as they progress in their learning.  At Blair  we recognize and celebrate individual needs and differences and encourage each student to work to their potential. The staff is dedicated to providing a rich program of instruction focusing on the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help our students contribute to society and the future. Our current school focus is on Social Emotional Learning. "Blair Cares" is lived every day through our students’ dedication to learning and caring for themselves, others and place. Our school strengths include: collaboration, belonging, and encouraging students to be caring, responsible citizens. 

We have beautiful school grounds that surround the school, with lush green spaces, walking paths, and trees for shade. We have two playgrounds as well as an outdoor learning space and a number of garden beds that classes maintain through out the school year.

As a staff, we believe that effective communication is crucial to building and maintaining a positive working relationship between home and school. The parents at Blair Elementary are an integral part of the team. We have a vibrant PAC group that is very supportive of our school community. 


Our Focus



Our Learning

Below is a description of Actions and Evidence that demonstrate student learning related to our focus. The Action posts are examples of ways students are enhancing their learning related to our focus. The Evidence posts share the difference we are making in student learning related to our focus.